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Why Switch?

The benefits of Big Country Raw, include:

  • Shiny, healthy coat
  • No doggy smell
  • Less scooping
  • Clean teeth
  • Eliminates food sensitivites
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Curious About Cost?

Use our easy calculator to estimate the cost of feeding your dog Big Country Raw. It’s less than you think, and worth every penny!

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Best Sellers

  • Country Blend – 2 lb

    Meaty turkey with beef tripe and beef organ meats, perfect for dogs with sensitivity to chicken.

    Great for dogs & cats!

    2 LBS
  • Fish Dinner CARTON – 4 lb

    Wild caught cod, sole and salmon from Canadian fisheries.

    This is an excellent meal choice for allergy sufferers or as a regular meal for all dogs.

    4 LBS
  • Grab N Go Mini Blend Deal – 12 lbs

    Our best selling Blends – Breeder Blend, Country Blend and Turkey Salmon Lamb Blend in one box. The most variety of proteins, and best selling menu items. Great for dogs or cats!

    Breeder Blend- 4 x 1 lb = 4 lbs
    Turkey Salmon Lamb- 4 x 1 lb = 4 lbs
    Country Blend- 4 x 1 lb = 4 lbs


    12 LBS
  • Beef Dinner – 2 lb

    The best raw Beef Dinner available!  Only Canadian Hormone & Antibiotic Pasture Raised Beef, and our #2 best selling menu choice.

    2 LBS